Across from the table I look for your eyes

You look toward me but your eyes pass by mine

A smile takes form in those windows of your soul

Wonder ignites and a shine takes hold


You won't catch my eyes as you glance by

But I caught your smile and your twinkling eyes

I know you see me as I observe, too

Captivated by the wonder God placed in you.


Giggling quietly at the scripts you find

Entertained by the mysteries inside your mind

Wired by Hand are the pathways inside

Your brain is amazing, you're one of a kind


I watch captivated by the beauty unfolding

In my child with autism that God is molding

The details that define you are unique by far

I'm captivated by you and the masterpiece that you are















6 thoughts on “Captivated”

  1. Hi Merri,

    I was in homegroup with your Mom. My grandson is autistic and I love your blogs! This piece is just beautiful, and has really touched me!! My daughter loved it too. I wish she were a Christian and could appreciate your posts more. She struggles with so much, but without your faith :(

  2. I am so glad you liked it and shared it with your daughter. There is just something irresistible about kids with autism and I really wanted to capture that. I’ll be praying for your daughter! I don’t know how people do life w/o God. Thank you for commenting! It made my day!

  3. I am writing poems about our family’s life on the spectrum so I really enjoy reading your poems.

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