In His Image

You know, so often we get the impression from society that kids with autism are less than NT kids... I mean, even in the way one of the popular methods teaches the kids is very degrading. ABA uses strict behavioral "intervention" which is incredibly like dog training.  When we had a dog for a while we decided that the current way of training dogs is actually nicer than what we've experienced through ABA and drills.  A dog is a dog.  But a person is created in the image of God!  It doesn't matter if the child has a disability or not, they are equally made in His image.  I think that we can learn from the kids with autism a little bit more about who God is if we look real closely.

For example...God is a God of Order.  Kids with autism usually like things in order a bit more than their NT counterparts.  God is never changing!  Kids on the spectrum typically don't like change!   God is a God of Truth--Absolute Truth,  People with ASD often love rules, black and white...things clear cut! 

Maybe God is trying to tell us something about himself through these children?

Philippians 4:8

" And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise." (NLT)

This is a good note to end on for the day, I'd say!  And, a good theme for the purpose of this blog.  So much is written and believed about autism that is negative, ugly, and just plain not true.  I hope to bring the lovely and admirable side of the spectrum out in this blog.  For example, tonight my little Robbie (age 4) was so overly excited and happy that I was putting him to bed instead of Dan.  Usually, Dan would have that job but now he as chosen me to do it.  He was jumping for joy in my arms and doing this cute intense love-look "stim" he does while staring closely in my eyes while simultaneously doing his version of "flapping".  The emotions in that little guy are just too big to be contained in a 4 year old body.  (Maybe that is why he's so tall?)  The beauty of this that he directed that intensity of positive emotions to me!  I don't think that most parents get to ever experience such intensity.  It is just a little gimpse of the love the Savior has for us, that would cause Him to rejoice over us with singing (Zeph 3:17).