Perfect Gifts

Merry Christmas to you! I have a special downloadable Christmas gift for you! The past few months,  I've been dabbling in Art Journaling, and especially what I call Art Journaling Scripture as a way to meditate on the Word. I would like to share one of my pages with you, but first I want to give you a little background about the verse:

When we first found out about autisms touch on our family, I heard many things from friends and family members. A lot of what I heard was encouraging, but every once in a while, someone would say something that was harmful, despite their good intentions. Things such as,"I didn't have a perfect child either." Or maybe there was an implied, "Isn't that sad."  Maybe you have experienced this too, especially if you are just now discovering autism in your family.

The implication that a child with a difference or disability is lesser, broken or imperfect version of a child was the most hurtful of the things I heard.  I love my children just as they are. Their quirks add to the fun and I wouldn't trade them for the world. 

And even though there are some needs to be attended to and addressed with our children with disabilities, they are full-value kids. They are a perfect gift straight from God to us. Children are His best gift. 

All children, regardless of disability are a gift from the Lord.

And all God's gifts are perfect.

I hope this picture will encourage you, and serve as a reminder that our children with autism (or other special needs) are perfect gifts from God.  They are full-value, made in the image of God, built as they are, intentionally, to serve a purpose God created them to fulfill. (Psalm 127:3, James 1:17, Genesis 1:27, Ephesians 2:10)

I hope you enjoy this and share it with your friends!



Gift from the lord

Click here to download a high-quality printable version!

The Unveiling: Treasure Cards Are Here!

Hello everybody!

Some of you may know (because of an accidental publishing before it was ready (sigh...) that I have been working on making something that I can GIVE to YOU!

 I wanted to make something for you that you can take and make your own, that would encourage you with the living and active Word of God as it relates to your family.  And, I wanted it to be fun, and attractive to look at, and to be something you can carry around with you. 

So, I am opening a new section of the blog for Give Aways, and the first are these Treasure Cards.  These are verses that I have written about, or that have meant a lot to me by personalizing them for my family.  I made one set that is written as if your child is a boy, and one for girls.  

You can print them out--they are business size cards, so you can print it on Avery business cards and then either hole-punch them and put them on a ring, or just carry them in your wallet or purse. You can even laminate them if you would like!  (I really like the Purple Cow laminator. We use it a lot, to laminate social stories since my kids tend to shred paper.)

This is just a starter set, and I hope to continue to add to the collection!  

For Boys:

Treasure Cards1

Treasure Cards-Boys

For Girls:

Treasure Cards-Girl

Treasure Cards-Girl