When Everything Breaks!


When Everything Breaks 2Broken dishwasher. Clogged toilets. Flat tire. Water leaks. Trouble with installations,  Leaky roof… Even the valve that you have to turn to stop the water in the house?  Broke.  Right after the dishwasher was installed and before the toilet was repaired…sigh… lots of trips to the store these days for parts (as well as for use of their flushing toilets!)

It’s been one thing after another.  It is so frustrating to have all these things break, and with money tight (isn’t it for everyone these days?) we don’t want to spend money on these sorts of things. It’s like flushing money down the toilet, so to speak…as if it would flush!

No, I’d much rather go on a LONG vacation where everything works.  But I probably wouldn’t appreciate that everything works if we weren’t in a season of  “everything breaks”.

With my not-taking-it-for-granted mindset at the moment, I know I would appreciate that things work as expected, or even that somebody else has to fix the problem…and pay for it, so much more than if everything was in working order at home.

And you know,  all these things being broken? Well, they’ve opened the door for the kids to help with “real” things…real problems. Big-people problems.

Sage has loved going with Daddy to Home Depot to buy missing parts with Daddy's gift card from Fathers Day.  He’s loved being an apprentice to these repairs…. He may just be 12, but he has studied for this job. His choice of reading materials when he was 6?

Sage & Home Depot Wiring










And Hope? Well, she actually offered to do the dishes one day. And she did them? What 12 year old does that? She did a good job too, everything was clean in the end, and spread out over The Entire Kitchen to dry!

Joy? Being 4, she is all about helping. The more offers she gets to help, the better.  “Mommy, is there something I can do to help?”

And I answer, "Of course dear, “Everyone is big enough, big enough to do something.” As Daniel Tiger would say. (Really, scripting is totally under-loved. It’s a fun way to communicate. We can all learn a few things from our ASD friends!)

When it comes to Stevie (now 10), well he wasn’t too interested in helping, besides just helping to provide the problems…such as playing in the bathroom and flushing yet-to-be-determined items down the toilet. Again.

I love seeing the “fam” work together to make the house run, especially considering all our special needs: Autism, Anxiety, Tourettes, ADHD, Selective Mutism, (shall I go on?).  It’s really pretty fun to watch, and to dream of what jobs they will be helping Daddy with an 5 years, or 10.  Will they help with car repairs? What about building a shed, or out-building of some sort.  Maybe even a treehouse for me Joy?

All things work for the good of those who God and are called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28

Who knew even broken dishwashers and water leaks and clogged toilets were included in the “All things”?