Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head!



I've got a vision playing in my mind, that takes place about 20 years from now.  I am 60 years old, carrying my 25 year old Stevie,who won't step foot in the rain.  I'm wondering how that is going to work?

I am sure he'll come to tolerate the rain a bit better by then than he does now, but at this point, his total disgust and fear of the rain is getting worse, not better!

Today I was coming home from taking him to OT, and the darkened skies opened wide, spilling it's heavy rains to the earth.

When we got home, Stevie wanted just one thing:  to be in the house where it was dry.  There was just one problem with this what-should-be easily solved problem.

He has to get though the torrential downpour that is blocking his way between the car and the house.

At first he wouldn't even come near the car door.  When I opened it, with the umbrella in hand, he backed up away from the open-to-the-dreaded-rain door.  He was not ready to face his fear head-on....or, head under, as the case may be.


"Come on, Stevie, I'll carry you!  See?  I have an umbrella to keep you dry. It will be ok!"

"Are you all done? AHHHHH!"

"Stevie, it's ok, I'll carry you in and keep you dry!  Then you can get your blue blanket (his favorite thing)"

"Ahhh!  All Done!" Stevie screams and cries in objection.

It took about 5 minutes of convincing him that it is safe, and worth it, to let me carry him in.  He screamed all the way.  I'm sure the four steps to the porch and four stair-steps up to the door seemed to be more like 4 miles long, with each inch looming with the potential disaster of getting wet...of having "spots" on his shirt...of his shoes having a darker shade of leather than they did before...or...here's the worst... he may get wet hair!

But, it didn't happen.  I kept him dry, just as I promised...all the while getting my own feet wet from walking in puddles since I couldn't see the way while carrying him...my back was spotted with rain drop stains, my shoulders sore from coordinating the umbrella and Stevie at the same time.  But Stevie? He was ok.

Except, he didn't think he was.

If I thought he was screaming before, it was just a minor whimper in comparison to what came next.  Now that he's in the house and dry & safe, he lets loose with the high pitch alarm sounding scream...the one usually reserved for severe pain or terror!

Ignoring his screams, I sit with him by the fire place to get warm and dry.  I grab a extra-comfortable quilted blanket with a rainbow colored sunburst in the center, and wrap it around us both.

He giggles.

I squeeze, and he giggles in relief, again.

I just hold him and warm him and give him squeezes of pressure & hugs that make him feel safe.  (I really don't mind this part at all!)

We cuddle by the fire, feeling safe from the dangers outdoors.

Sometimes we have a storm in our lives, or a dreaded event, or something we just don't like.  And we have to endure it to get to the promised land of comfort & safety. And just like I carried Stevie in the house, God offers to guide and protect us as well, while we "walk through the valley of the shadow of death"  We don't need to fear any evil, for "your rod and your staff, they comfort me." Psalm 23:4

And even though we may be absolutely dreading the path we have to take, and it takes all we have to make that first step out of the door into the arms of God (who's holding us under a really big umbrella), God is there and He carefully takes us to the other side.  God takes the rain on his own shoes and back.  "He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed."

And once we are safe... we may still feel a bit traumatized by the whole thing.  We may still want to throw our fit and scream:  "Did it really have to happen THAT way God???  Couldn't you magically get me here from the car while avoiding the rain???"

And God comes, and takes us by the warm fire of his presence, re-assures us with his Word, and wraps us with the Holy Spirit like a blanket, and comforts us.  And we relax. And we may giggle at how silly we were about the magic tricks, or the situation we dreaded so much but just turned out to be no big deal in comparison to God. "Everything is possible for him who believes." (Mark 9:23)

Often at the point of finally relaxing, we want to just move on. To get up and start doing things that need to be done.  But I encourage you to follow Stevie's example and to not do that.  Treasure the moment. Stop by the fire place and rest, soak in the love of our incredible Savior.  Rest in the presence of God, absorb the Words of God and soak in the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

It's still raining outside here in Maine, and maybe it is still raining where you are too. Maybe you are about to take that first step out of the car to make the journey to the other side, and to you I say:

Fear not, the God of the universe is waiting to take you safely over, hand-in-hand, or perhaps by carrying you all the way.

Originally posted October 6, 2010 on Treasures In The Dust.com

When You Feel Powerless, Just Hang On

Just Hang On

I have a confession to make.  

Sometimes, I feel really incapable dealing with Stevie's aggressive behavior.  That's because I am incapable. I can't physically move him, as he often requires of me. I know, I should just tell him, "No, you need to walk." right? I wish it were so easy.  

You see, the way he "demands" me to physically get him to his room, is by creating a dangerous situation where something must be done.  So, for example, let say he decides to bang on the computer, or throw it.  His temper is rising and he is about to just start throwing random things around the house.  Considering there are 3 other siblings in the house, including a toddler, it is clear that at this point, he needs to go to his room to calm down.  But he won't go.  

So I decide I will try to help him calm down  in the room he is in. This never works, but I try anyway because it just seems like it should work!  So Stevie, knowing I am not putting him in his room as "I should" (according to him), starts grabbing things to throw. Or, follows after me to push me, or pull on my clothes. Or, he will go to one of his siblings and start picking on them, and if I still don't put him in his room, he will continue causing trouble like this to the point where it is NOT safe for anyone.  

This is the point where I begin to feel powerless.   I can't carry him to his room because of my many physical problems, and he won't go on his own. I have to protect my other kids (and the house) but like I said, he won't go, he won't calm down and I can't make him go. What's a girl to do?

Now I have gotten "lucky" a few times, by playing his OCD nature against himself. He doesn't want his baby sister in his bedroom so there is a gate here to keep her out.  One time I got the smarts to  take the gate down so he would want to go in to "protect his territory".

"Stevie, to to your room!"

"Put the gate up?"

"Go in your room first."

"Put the gate up!" He calls out as he trots to his room!  

For a while, all I had to do was call out, "DAAAAADDDYYYY!" and Stevie would run quickly to his room, sometimes giggling. That trick would work whether Daddy was in the house or not!  But now he is older and wiser and catching on to my tricks!

Well a few weeks ago I was just at my wits end with this, as neither of my clever tricks were working that well and he was having a particularly aggressive stretch.  I sat down in my comfy "brown chair",  to work on my Gideon Study by Pricilla Shirer.

She was talking about the passage in Judges chapter 6, where the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon (v.34).  In this case, this phrase means that the Spirit of the Lord embodied Gideon.    So basically, God put on Gideon like he'd put on his clothes.  If Gideon is draped over God like clothing, then ALL the muscles, bones, tendons, joints that Gideon needed to fight with, were actually God. It was God's strength that moved Gideon.  God embodied Gideon, and Gideon just needed to hang on to God.

When I move my arm up, my sleeve uses up zero energy or effort to follow along and move up with it. It effortlessly hangs on my body.  All Gideon had to do was just. hang. on. "The unseen authority of God's own Spirit was within Gideon now, filling him with the most lavish resource of all--divine power.  Gideon could enjoy complete confidence no matter how minuscule he deemed his army because he was only a vessel now, a chamber for God. He was merely God's outfit..." p.88 Gideon

All I have to do when I feel powerless with my son, is just. hang. on.

How minuscule my own strength is, it doesn't matter. It is God's strength that I need and he has a great supply. He will meet my needs (my family's needs) according to HIS resources, not mine.  

I just need to hang on for the ride.

When you feel powerless, all you need to do is let God give you a piggy back ride as He wins the battle purely on his own strength.

"But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."  Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me." 2 Corinthians 12:9 

To read Pricilla Shirer's blog post on this subject, click here:  http://www.goingbeyond.com/blog/when-god-gets-dressed