(For those new to this blog, let me do a quick introduction of the family: Sage and Hope are 10 year old twins (Sage has autism and ADHD, Hope is NT), Stevie is my 7 year old (autism, ADHD, food allergies, asthma) and Joy is our 19 month old baby girl, who is NT as far as we can tell.)
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Did you know that pure joy pumps you up into a wild explosion of squirting mess, kinda like a water balloon being filled until it bursts?

I hope I don't get any of you wet.

Today is a snow day, but even better, yesterday was report card day!

Now, I do realize that most of you don't like either, but maybe I can at least change your mind on the report card part!  I have seen too many facebook posts this morning about strangling a certain groundhog to even go there today.

Yesterday the kids brought home their report cards. Hope got a great report, as she always does.  She constantly amazes us; we are so proud of her!

Sage however, doesn't test well. He is so very bright, but it is never reflected on his report cards or tests, which is a constant source of frustration for me.  I keep thinking that one day, he'll show them all what he's made of and they will be shocked into the reality that the parents were right all along (snicker).

So, when I got his envelope with the report in it, I braced myself. I told myself that the report card will be low because he doesn't test well, and I wondered when the reports would start to reflect his abilities.  

When I opened it, to my surprise he got all great marks!  With only below average for the working well in groups--no surprise there!

I know that he exceeds the expectation for math, geography, technology, and science, but to get average marks on anything is great improvement!

I am so very proud of him!

Then, I looked in Stevie's book bag to find his reports.  We had already had his IEP last week, where they said in all areas he is THRIVING!  He is doing great in the regular-ed class, he is working independently in the self-contained class and he is a very hard worker. They commented on how bright he is, and how he remembers what he learns and never forgets.  

I was positively beaming :)  

IEP's have been a source of stress and dread--especially for him as we have had to fight and fight to have his needs met.

This year has been a complete turn around from the past.

The teachers and therapists all agree with his remarkable improvement, progress and potential.

So knowing that, as I read the daily report yesterday, I just could no longer contain myself!

It said that Stevie is "a model student for friends during group activities!" 

My boy!

The one that had such a hard time the last couple of years, is a role model!

I just want to soak it all in--all the raving about my special children--each in their own way.

God has done miracles and given us a time of rest, and dare I say "favor" with the school this year.  

This is definitely well beyond my wildest imagination!

"God can do anything, you know--far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!" Eps 3:20 (MSG)