Never Give Up!

Never Give Up 2

At school last week, Stevie wrote this Valentine note (pictured above) to me.  It was so very sweet.  I am sure he had someone helping him pay attention to the task and help him come up with ideas of what to write.  I can tell he was partially distracted, at least, because of the messiness of his handwriting. Regardless, I love it!  An "Awwwwww!" escaped my lips when I discovered it in his book-bag.   It the sweetest note, and also true, no matter how much help he required to do it. 

Stevie still loves to bake with me. And he loves to cook. He is still watching Youtube cooking videos, and he is learning what the different foods are for the very first time

He never cared to learn about different foods before, so this is a huge step, and I am finally filled with anticipation of where this may lead.  

He may, for the very first time since he was 2 or 3 years old, try a new food!  

I highly suspect that he will sneak this first taste when I am not looking.  Maybe he already has!  The thought makes my heart beat a bit faster because I had all but given up hope that he would eat a wider variety of food.  I was ok with it on one level, where I know he is safe around the foods he is allergic too. He is allergic to so much that if he were the "family goat",  his life could really be in danger.  

But he is so self-restricting that his sole source of protein is whole milk.  The other handful of foods he eats come from the cracker "food group" and a little from the cereal food group.  Occasionally, he will have applesauce.  And that. is. it.  His health is at stake, I am afraid...if he doesn't enlarge his food selections to include some healthy options.

So, I am excited. Stevie has been paying attention to when I am in the kitchen and start cooking. He will actually get up from his "Little Red Computer" and come to me at the stove or counter top to ask, "Cooking ___?"  He usually fills in the blank with his best guess of what I'm making based on what he's learned online.  

Of course, I offer him something to taste and as always-so-far, he refuses. But he is so curious and interested in cooking and baking, that I really think the day is coming, when he will try something that he makes.

Try something, besides the disgusting concoction he made in the bowl after the bread dough was removed, with juice, milk, cereal from the table and the left-over yeast-flour mix in the bowl. It looked...terrible and by the expression on his face and his attempts at getting the taste off his tongue, it tasted terrible as well!

So I am here today to tell you,  "Never give up!"  Never say never, for you really don't know what surprises lie around the bend. 

*I once didn't believe Sage would ever be able to go to a summer camp without a support staff with him.  And he successfully did it!

*I once didn't believe Stevie would ever climb on a jungle gym, and he did it!

*I once doubted that Sage would learn talk, and now he's a pro!

*I once didn't think Stevie would eat new foods... and now I believe he will one day.

At his own pace, in his own time, and in God's perfect timing for him (and us). 

"Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance."  

1 Corinthians 13:7

What things have you given up on believing will ever come to pass?  I would love to hear from you so leave your comments in the box below!