A Valentine: Lessons From Sweet Pea Beauty, Part 2


I remember when the twins were just about one year old.  They were playing together in the living room, and I was thinking about how shockingly beautiful they are to me.

"God, you made them perfect! They are just beautiful!"

"Yes they are, I made them exactly as I intended them to be. And that is how I see you, too."

Struck profoundly by His words to me, and the understanding that I was smack in the presence of a Holy God, I tucked those words in the "do not forget" folder of my heart and sat, processing what He said.

I did not know how God was using those words. But He was, as He crafted together His story; forever enchaining the soon-to-be past to the future.


About a year and a half later, we recognized Sage's autism.

God reminded me of his words, "I made them exactly as I intended them to be. They are perfect." And I was  reminded that God is Holy. He doesn't make mistakes. God knew Sage has autism all along. It was only a surprise to me.

Sage's autism is not an oversight by God; it an essential part of His master plan.

It was a hard word-pill to swallow, to let dwell in me and become flesh. To become part of me.

But when a Holy God speaks truth to a heart, that heart is bent toward it until captured.


God taught me to see the beauty in autism over the years.  He also has taught me to see myself and others in the the same way. He sees every part of us and says it's good.  He created us, and said it is "very good" (Genesis 1:31)

Many times he calls us the Apple of His eye. He passionately pursues us.

Sure, He knows all we do: all our faults, the cellulite in our souls. Still He looks at us and says we are beautiful...more beautiful.

In the words of the King in the story Snoodlerella (by VeggieTales):

I treasure you deeply you're lovely my child.

I think you're beautiful. There's nothing about you I don't truly love.

Of course it is true every word that I say.

Daughter, I am the king and I made you that way.

I delight in your beauty you're wonderfully made.

I knew you before Earth's foundation was laid.


In More Beautiful, Sweet Pea says, "What I thought were imperfections make a world God calls complete"

So often autism is seen as an "imperfection". But God does not.

So often we see ourselves as imperfect, but God does not.

God uses what the world sees as "imperfections" and blends it into his story making it a masterpiece.




Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Fire Alarms, Maps, Telephone Poles, You and Me: The Beauty of Special Interests

The Beauty of Special Interests

Special interests are one of the "features" of ASD's. When listed in the DSM, or other diagnostic tools, it seems to be noted with a negative connotation, but I am still not sure what is so negative about it. As a matter of fact, I am sure it is just the opposite!

Right now, Dash's special interest is fire alarms.

Last year it was maps.

And before that, telephone poles!

There have actually been many other special interests such as puzzles (he was doing 100 piece puzzles by himself at the age of 2 3/4), K'nex, electricity, alternative energy...the list goes on!

It is especially fun to share a common special interest with a brother:


Who knows what the future will hold ... Look at where Temple Grandin ended up with her special interest in cows!  Special Interests are an avenue for our children to show us how their minds work... it is a beautiful thing.

It's is also truly amazing how much passion Dash (and Sketch, too) works up for these interests.  Dash would spend hours on his favorite topics, mastering them in a variety of ways.  For example, with maps, he not only memorized the local street map but the state, country and world maps.  He then branched off to google maps and would "drive" around through the states!  He even found his grandparents house!  Then he went on to states & capitals from there, and capitals of different countries... There is really no end to the discovery, the pursuit of a special interest.

You know, God has a special interest too: you and me!

He goes to extremes to know us. His passion for us has no end.  He even wrote an entire book on his pursuit of us... the Bible.

Happy Valentines Day!