The Great I AM

The Great I AM

Dear God,

We need rescuing.

 Last night when I cried out in my prayers while the discorded sounds from the day's chaos and pain wrestled with the sleep I was trying to grasp but could not reach, I begged for You to come and rescue our family.

Because, we just can't go on like this much longer.  I am exhausted: tired of the fighting, the meltdowns, the things thrown, the near misses, the constant messes, the unbelievable acts committed by my son. My beautiful son. We don't understand why he is doing these things. 

And I am not able to fix this. 

When I heard about Stevie's meltdown in the car on the way to church this morning, and that he and Daddy would not be able to come,  well I entertained the thought maybe you didn't hear me last night. 

But You did hear. You sang me our song--Yours and mine--the one you gave me years ago when Stevie was being diagnosed with autism.  As Mighty To Save was sung in service, it instantly reminded me of Your promise to save.

You can move the mountains.

You are able.

You are I AM.

You reminded me that this terribly messy life is to show others You, as You shine through the many broken places our frail frames hold, so the whole world can see that You are mighty to save. 

You are close to the broken hearted.

Today, sitting there by myself in the back of the church filled with people, I was exceptionally alone. But You sat next to me and then it was just You and me in that crowded room, crying together as the song sang on.  You were very much there; You gave me the embrace of your presence.

Thank you, God, that You are ALL that you are, so I don't have to be what I am not. 

Thank you for being infinitely stronger than all others, so I don't have to be stronger than I am.

Thank you that You have all the answers, so I don't have to know it all.

Thank you God, that You never tire of us, but You choose to partner with us in Your story.

Thank you God, that You are more than enough, all by yourself.

Thank you for being The Great I AM.

Zephaniah 3:17 "The Lord your God in your midst, the Mighty One, will save;  He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing."