You Are A Blessing

You Are A Blessing

You know what? You--you, reading these words? You are a blessing. 

You are. Just as you are, you bless people.


"You are a blessing to your family, your friends, and your teachers. You are going to have a great day!"

This is what I say to Stevie every morning before school.  Sometimes, if his mood is just right, he will finish the blessing for me, and in those times I feel like I have arrived. 

Arrived at having taught him something wonderful.

Because it is true.  

On Saturday I took Stevie to the Windham Hannaford.  He loves the grocery chain, and his latest fun thing to do is to go visit the different local stores.  Over the summer he has frequented the Hannafords in Standish, Gorham, Westbrook, South Portland and now to add to his collection, Windham!

Stevie's excitement was overwhelming him--you know that level of excitement when you tense all up and could just jump through the roof?  He was all the way there.

Because we were at the Windham Hannaford.

He mounts the cart, holding onto the handle and leans back on me as I push him through the isle for the ride of his life.  At least, that is how he experiences it.  

His eyes are wide and grinning along with his big smile.

And everyone smiles back.

He's blessing them with how God made him. He didn't "do" anything to bless people intentionally, it is simply who he is that blesses.  

God, on the other hand, did do it intentionally. 

He carefully crafted Stevie, all of who he is, intentionally. He has a purpose for him, and He designed Stevie with autism included, so that His incredible plan for his life will be fulfilled. 


When God made you--you, reading these words?

He made you intentionally, too. 

He carefully carved out who you are, and placed all of it--even those parts that maybe you don't like, or that society says are not good enough--He placed it in you.

And made you His work of art. 

His masterpiece.

So that you can fulfill the unfathomable plans God has for you.

Just who you are blesses people!

You don't have to do a thing, because God already has.


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